mandag 4. oktober 2010

Madde & Schtina

I miss our mocca dates. I miss our deep conversations. I miss our superficial babbling. I miss our impulsive road trips. I miss having you by my side, going through the same things as me. I miss being confused together. I miss rejoicing together. I miss to just hang out with you, without doing anything. I miss having you around. I miss your beautiful smile. I miss being in the kitchen with you, always mixing a lot of weired stuff. I miss our photoshoots. I miss your beautiful singing voice. I miss crying on your shoulder. I miss praying with you. I miss to jump around, to dance and be happy with you.

I have a lot of very good friends who I love. But you are the one who really knows me. We've always stayed side by side and we understand each other. I love that. I love you!

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