tirsdag 25. januar 2011

Day one in Turkey

We're in the middle of day one in Turkey and everything is still amazing :) We had a really good breakfeast at Per and Annettes place and then we took a walk in the city. I love exploring new places, everything is so different, so beautiful. We sat down in a café and had some real Turkish coffee and Turkish delight. The coffee was different, interesting and... it tasted quite ok :) Our group is now back at Per and Annettes place with their daughter Malene, we had a little worship and payertime and now we're just relaxing and waiting. Camilla and Annette are checking out a house we'll might live in.

The weather has been shifting today, this was our morning.
(Luckily it got better)

Beautiful breakfeast
Walking the streets of Izmir

Our new friend [we call him Pierce]
Turkish Coffee [thick]

Celina and... sheep

Our group with Malene [-me]

PS. We got a new place to stay - great
+ We're having pancakes!!

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