mandag 21. februar 2011

Sometimes I just need to remind myself

After 1 month out in the beautiful world, I seriously struggled with the thought of going back to school in Denmark. Ok, not super seriously - I just didn't like the thought and I didn't look forward to it. But as a walked on board the boat from Norway this Sunday (which btw is a LONG way to walk, no kidding) I felt peace. And then I smiled.

You see the ring on my finger? It's there because I gave my promise to PK. I also gave God a promise a long time ago. I said that I would follow Him no matter what. I said i would go wherever He wanted me to go. Somehow I ended up in Denmark this year, and I'm not quitting 'til God sends me somewhere else. No matter how I feel. Greater things have yet to come.

I know that I'm in the right place at the right time. It's not a coincedence that I'm here this year. It's not a mistake. And there is also a hope waiting for me at the end of July

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  1. For en fantastisk post, Christina! Kjempe-oppmuntrende. Vi trenger alle å minne oss selv og hverandre på "the big picture". Så, takk for påminnelsen <3. -Anna