torsdag 16. september 2010

Not too good.

Today I woke up and didn't feel too good. I took a shower and I didn't feel too good. I ate breakfeast and I didn't feel much better. I went to the morning gathering and I didn't feel too good. I went to class and guess what, I didn't feel too good. Oh, you get the picture?

I've been trying to do my assignment, and I did start! But I also watched (waaaay too many episodes of) Gilmore Girls, I played Mahjong, I talked to PK on skype, looked at pictures on my harddisk and checked my e-mail from time to time. The e-mail because I promised myself yesterday that I wouldn't go on facebook until my assignment is done.... So far, so good. Beata brought me food:
It was...ok. Or actually, it was pretty good. I cant taste anything (besides the garlic)... But the meatballs was kind of, special.
I also went out in the hallway to take pictures of the rain:
But before I came that far, this was in my way:
Beata was thinking about removing it, but I find it quite decorative.. It's still there.
Well, a smile from me at the end of this post. I'll be better tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya (PK) tomorrow, you're always a day (or eight) away!
Ok, good night. I feel like this is the kind of post you regret that you published. Or, whatever. (ikkje tenk på d.)

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